The Ethics of Vulnerability and Intimacy — E.T. RUSSIAN


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A comic in six panels in black, lavender and mustard yellow ink.

Panel 1: A person with a mustard yellow hat, is in a wheelchair transferring into bed and says into the phone: “Hey, I don’t think I can make it to the protest. I’ve got some skin breakdown. I need to stay on bedrest.” A person in a lavender hat holding a protest sign that reads “Immigrants pick your oranges” responds over the phone: “Wow ok. No problem. There’s lot of ways to contribute to the movement. Right?”

Panel 2: Person in wheelchair responds: “Right?! Aurora Levins Morales writes and organizes from her bed. And she’s, like, pivotal.”

Panel 3: Person with lavender hat sits in the drivers seat of a van and says: “Totally. You need anything?”

Panel 4: Person in mustard hat: “Actually yah. Could you pick up my meds?” Panel 5: Person in van: “I got you. I’m pretty hungry.”

Panel 6: Person in mustard hat is lying in bed and responds: “When you get here I’ll feed you. I made hella soup last night.”

Writer, Cultural Activist, Designer.

Writer, Cultural Activist, Designer.