The Ethics of Changing Your Leadership — E.T. RUSSIAN


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A nine panel comic in teal, brown, and black ink.

Panel 1: Image is of a person with black curly hair and glasses. Text reads: You know when running a meeting felt like a big deal? Intimidating.

Panel 2: Same person stands in front of a group of people with sign on wall that reads “AGENDA”. Person says: “Hey guys, I have an idea.”

Panel 3: Text: Next thing you know, you’re founding an organization. Person with black curly hair seated next to two other people, they say “Welcome! We’d love your input.” They are sitting in a circle with multiple other people. Sign on wall reads “DISABILITY JUSTICE”

Panel 4: Text: It goes well… Image is of a disability pride parade.

Panel 5: Text: Until it doesn’t. Image is the person with black curly hair writing in a journal: “God, I have so much to learn.”

Panel 6: Text: When I was growing up internet activism wasn’t a thing. Image is of the person with black hair in a t-shirt that reads “Party like it’s 1999” handing out flyers. “Want a flyer?”, the person says to another person.

Panel 7: “The internet wasn’t a thing!” Image is of the person with black hair wearing a Soundgarden shirt holding a cassette tape, next to a double cassette boombox, “Pretty on the inside” written down their pant leg.

Panel 8: Text: I mean, millennials can be self-righteous, but they also have some fresh ideas. Image is of a person with long hair and a crop top on stage yelling into a microphone: “ Your second wave feminism is white and transmisogynist!!!”

Panel 9: Text: At this point I want to stay in the movement but I’m open to other people’s take on leadership. Image is of a person in a brown dress speaking to a group of people: “Welcome to the Duwamish solidarity group”.

Writer, Cultural Activist, Designer.

Writer, Cultural Activist, Designer.