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When I was in academia, my professors and mentors hammered into me the necessity of citing the work of others that have informed my claims of knowledge. Not doing so would mean committing the sin of plagiarism. Citing is standard practice in academia, as giving due credit to people’s intellectual…


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A four panel comic in black, lavender and mustard yellow ink.

Panel 1: Two people float in inner tubes on a lake on a sunny day. A mountain and sky are on the horizon.

Panel 2: Friend one: “Dude, the sun feels so good”

Panel 3: Friend one: “I haven’t floated all Summer.” Friend two responds: “Yah, too busy.”

Panel 4: Friend one: “Yah, we’ve got to do this more.” Friend two: “For sure.”

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By Maisha Manson

Photo of crystal and sage by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

We have read your cards

Smudged your entrance

And wrapped your hands in lavender and myrrh

Welcome home

Temperance draws you forward

Sun soaked leaves pave the road you have weathered

Rest your feet in the salt waters of where you were born

There are no wrong ways to live in liberation

It is in everything before that is where we have the missteps

as we find our footing, pain and all.

Welcome to the ashé spa

Your payment is healing

Please relax in knowing that all your past mothers have birthed stars to get to you

And lifted nebulas by your ancestors for this moment

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By Maisha Manson

Photo of slats of light in a dark room by Martin Adams on Unsplash

Scar tissue runs lightning bolts across the spaces on your hands use to grip too tight,

runs heartbeat solid across your feet

Your knees rough and bruised, can still taste the dirt

The sunshine, is the only thing that holds you properly now,

As you take the first step out of surveillance

Give it a minute your eyes will re-adjust

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Frances S. Lee

Writer, Cultural Activist, Designer.

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